wonderful theory

This is really a wonderful theory… or maybe that isn’t true?
This is really a great theory… without fruitless speculation which came first … chicken … egg … Suddenly we have a sizeable bird (inflation) and since then the theory is wonderful.
The theory has the right of course to deal with only certain fragments of processes or events. it is reasonable and justified because our mind isn’t perfect, is too limited in reasoning and understanding to describe the universe as a whole… so we are getting to know fragments, we are linking them with our guesses and the fantasy, so we have a wonderful theory. all, of course, must be consistent, logical, and have common sense… just our Mathematical Universe (in this case, however, we must delete “common sense”)!
But even in the slightest degree without taking into account the effect of the divine power in the creation of this wonderful universe, suppose we probably don’t have any illusions the universe appears to us in all its (true) essence…
Or maybe it is not true? … and maybe in this case also we lack common sense! … or maybe, however, we have the illusion that all our great scientific tools are capable of capturing the whole objective truth… and our (wonderful) mind is full of great opportunities to understand it all… or algorithms interpreting data are subtle enough to capture something we should think about it really deeply.



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