part 1

The disease never appears without apparent reason. But it does not determine the cause of our ultimate destiny.
The real “cruel” irony of fate is that it’s not factors beyond our control (eg. genes) are decisive.
The most devastating impact on our existence are seemingly trivial and almost innocent our actions – e.g. absolutely i don’t mean smoking cigarettes.
The degeneration of our body is essentially only one reason, junk food.
But asolutnie it is not (only) this type of food, which commonly we consider to be junk food.
So it happens one of the most wonderful creations of evolution (immune system), not only cannot protect us but can cruelly attack our body, resulting in the most horrible and terrible destruction, injury and disability: ms, blindness, amputations, etc.
Colds, flu … it’s a real threat if it is weakened.
The real tragedy begins when a weakened and depressed immune system does not properly recognize the processes taking place in our body when germs attack us. that starts with flu and ends on heart transplantation.
Even more frightening when the degeneration of the immune system without “any reason” turns beautiful young people in pitiful human remains (ms, als …).
But this is not the fault of our body, the more it is not the fault of cruel fate or destiny it is only we ourselves, personally, are creating their tragic destiny. A very effective contributes to our stupidity and carelessness.
Because that lead to such a state that you have to really try hard.
Because the system (our body) very rarely ruin extraordinary events, it’s just our daily carefree which exposes us to a terrible bill.
But we care about our health fully conscious. Especially highly developed and rich society: Germany, english, Norwegians, …
They all know the value of their health.
They know how important an active lifestyle, healthy eating, hygiene …
That’s why in the near future, many will develop cancer, many thousands of good-bye to his family forever.
Why are more and more often we get depression and senile dementia?
and our times are not isolated cases. It’s an entire generation die away in a terrible nonexistence of consciousness!