centre of the universe

You can quite reasonably assume (as scientist) … every point of the Universe is the centre universe because everything else is moving away from that point… so our galaxy became the centre of the universe. unfortunately, this statement has become a major “scientific evidence” that, given the existence of an infinite number of… there is no real centre of the universe.
Or maybe the problem centre lies more in our head than in reality. It seems that the problem with the centre is the problem of our mind, our reasoning.
It is true that in this place where bb theory must have a sense there is no possibility of the existence of the centre. Because that would mean that the universe was not created (by itself … in itself) as a unique and independent of any conditions existence… only began its existence in a particular place or space originally already existing. NO!
And what is even more important it is not the centre of the processes which we refer to as the expansion of space that led to the current state of the universe.
Because it actually takes place in each of its point, of course, if gravity not hampering, and it is true. so in that sense one can definitely say… there is no centre of universe as the centre of expansion. so it is true… except that isn’t the whole truth… there is a small catch that few see, but that’s another story.
And suddenly it all collides with our common sense where our mind comprehension capabilities are shaped by normal events and circumstances. and here, in our normal world, in our normal perception everything fully confirms the existence of the “centre”.
Every space, area, object, each explosion, … everything have centre. persistently is claimed that the creation of the universe, it was not an explosion, but the expansion. and this is true, only that as usual, this is not the whole truth… next scientific simplification which has little to do with reality. So which way, area where our universe exists in his crazy dance do not have its centre. So perhaps not only limited ability to comprehend our mind and some special properties of the scientific mind which brings the minds of scientists still astray.



One thought on “centre of the universe

  1. Yes, it’s not something that we are used to in everyday life. We can perhaps understand it by thinking about the Earth’s surface. There is no centre point of the Earth’s surface (the Earth as a 3D object has a centre, but its 2D surface does not.) In the case of the Earth, there are North and South poles, but that is because the Earth is spinning on an axis. If the Earth stopped spinning, those points would no longer be special.

    So even though the Earth’s surface is finite, it does not have a centre. The universe may be curved like the Earth’s surface, or it may be infinite (flat). The best astronomical observations so far have not detected any curvature.

    What my mind cannot grasp easily is the 4 dimensions of spacetime and how they look. Space may be flat but I can’t visualise the shape of time or spacetime, because if time started at t=0, there is a boundary to spacetime.

    What is the small catch that you mentioned?

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