where is the truth in this wonderful theory of multiple universes?

If is true that the bb theory had a deeper meaning, so rather is excluded the existence of the center of the universe. Only the lack of a centre for the reality in which we exist is absolutely unacceptable to the human mind. But despite this (categorically) stating that the centre isn’t a real point (absolute truth if bb theory is true) that was in the original space that already existed before arise our Universe (and that could be a hypothetical starting place of our real universe). However, no one wants to capture the sense that the centre may be the result of processes identified as the expansion. and need not be absolutely contrary to that we can say that every point of the universe can be described as centre.
All this somehow escapes the minds fascinated by the mathematical universe. So for these great minds that have already proved indisputably that inflation occurred, the expansion of the universe accelerates and that they actually are absolutely sure the universe is part of the Multiverse!
so a small, a little timid question. If this is true, so may quite accidentally, was proved that there is a real centre of the universe? If our universe is part (became part) of something bigger that you can no longer play the fool and say that it was not the original space. that is, so we have a specific place where could start existence our universe.
i’m wrong? And if not, why the followers theory of many universes do not devote their seriousness to defend real, hard centre of the Universe. our Universe! but just do not end up on statements that first was created our universe, and then emerged from our universe the other universes… so we have multiverse! because it very much would ridicule still funny evidence for Multiverse existing.