For reasons of clarity, in no case i refer to the divine forces. also, my goal is not to overthrow the bb theory, or improve the mathematical universe. just too many inconsistencies, some doubts. although i don’t exclude that it may be a result of my ignorance. also the circumstances are not conducive, a small town on the edge of the developed world, poor internet. no real education, no specific school. However, do not expect any sympathy or leniency (especially in relation to my poor English). just a friendly note that poorly written, how to write simply… so i don’t expect to write something very wise… rather with the hope that i can improve my eng.


where is the truth in this wonderful theory of multiple universes? (2)

if, e.g., the bb theory excludes the concept of the original (primordial) space, that is something that existed before the birth of our universe. so that our universe did not appear in the existing space, only in itself is its own space. And all of this relates to the most natural and obvious idea what is the basis of our reasoning, the concept shaped by this, our universe, which means that everything has a center. But suddenly it turned out that if the existence of the math universe is supposed to have any sense, absolutely isn’t allowed the existence of something as abstract as the center of the universe.
So can anyone explain to fool Pole what does this mean in relation to the meaning of another theory who has just started a mad domination in our universe.
Multiverse: Here, our universe is no longer something that exists independently, which began its existence as the beginning of everything: space, time … (here) just a tiny part of this reality… entirely dependent on something more important, bigger, stronger, unknown. Multiverse is already a concrete space, particular stage of the history of everything on which our universe began its existence. So time and space does not have its beginning… unless the idiot says that just our universe is the beginning of Multiverse… or even every black hole contains a new universe! … is possible that most scientists lost contact with reality. So if the MV theory makes any sense, is statement that there is the center of our universe also makes sense. There is no other possibility. Because if the theory is true MV our universe had to appear in an already existing reality. So why supporters of this theory (MV) don’t defend in all its scientific seriousness claim that there is a hard centre of our universe. Could it be assumed that the bb theory is already obsolete and can’t become part of the MV theory. On the other hand, almost all confirms that roughly bb theory could be true. Would it therefore indicate that the MV theory, however, is not as great as it might seem. Because i thinking, that both theories can’t be simultaneously true. but perhaps I’m wrong.
some time has passed… and suddenly occurred to me as i became a big idiot. i must honestly admit that this frightening truth for a long time did not reach my crappy mind. until at some point, with all the power of understanding, i realized that indeed this is what great minds have in mind, (but still hope NOT).
That’s it: Multiverse isn’t universes that already existed when our universe began its existence. So our universe is not one of successive universes, appearing and disappearing. Suddenly it turns out that actually our universe is the basis of the existence of the entire Multiverse. actually is the mother of all universes. father temporarily absent! so occur by budding? And maybe even everything appears like frog spawn? it is simply inconceivable as uncritical desire to create the perfect mathematical universe can ruin even the best minds.
So can anyone explain why the stupid Pole is additionally an idiot.