without any meaning!?

Indeed, if something can be captured in a network of mathematics this means that we can be absolutely sure that this is the whole truth. Only if we are too naive? How our beautiful mind can get lost in the explanation of the great mysteries of the universe – absolutely without worrying about the little things.
One of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe. but because causes and mechanisms of expansion of space is one of the best kept secrets of science instead wise people decided to tell us how it goes with crazy galaxies. Because all galaxies are moving away from us, even at speeds above 7c. But galaxy cannot move at such a speed. So very wise people figure out quite reasonably that it wasn’t move of galaxies through the space, only with the expansion of space. As stated very reasonable and in very scientific seriousness, clusters of galaxies are moved, “carried” by the space.
Only that in this case, common sense is the best solution. Because if we weren’t so much fascinated by the revealed truths and a little less “reasonable”, we would talk with the aliens in one of the next galaxies… so the smartest of them (as the observer from distant galaxies) would probably told us that they have an absolute and visually tangible evidence that these galaxies between them (aliens) and us (earth) are “carried”, moving away from his galaxy, simply run away with huge speeds. unimaginable terrible power of space throwing these galaxies away from him (alien) towards the Milky Way… towards the earth… that is towards us.
Probably, as is usually with aliens, a bit mentally retarded. Because we have absolutely true, visually tangible evidence that this cluster of galaxies between us (earth… Milky Way…) and them (alien civilization living in distant galaxy) is moving away from our galaxy, unimaginably terrible power of space is throwing these galaxies away from us towards the galaxy of the aliens. We cannot allow that aliens, probably very weak intellectual, shaken foundations of our mental powers.
Does it meant that our mind is the greatest value in the universe. Probably so. Only sometimes you really need to think about what you say with such absolute certainty. Because irresistibly a small doubt appears, small crack in our scientific wisdom! perhaps even it is doubtful whether anything actually we know about the essence of this universe with sufficient certainty… if our knowledge of the essence of this universe are just suppositions of our mind in hopeless pursuit of any meaning in our reasoning.

What are the biggest mysteries of our universe? Perhaps the very nature of its existence; space, time, energy. Less importance is the dark energy and matter, mechanisms underlying the expansion of space.
expansion of… this is especially complicated for the common mind because we are dealing with values that exceed several times the speed of light. It is very easy to make a scientific statement that we have (observe) the universe who has 93 billion light-years in diameter, while we know the universe is only 13.8 billion years old. So even if the galaxies were moving at the speed of light (which isn’t possible), this area of the universe would be a maximum of 27 billion light years. only a mad scientist could argue, however, that the value of 93 is correct.
Of course, the researchers explain that this is not a mistake in reasoning and the explanation for this is very simple and sensible! So very clever minds explain us that in this case we do not have to deal with movement of matter. The galaxies themselves aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise. It’s the space itself which is expanding away… whatever that means. Expanding faster than the speed of light. But in this case no limits and restrictions on the speed do not apply.
So how (what caused it) galaxies appeared at the edge of the Universe. Well, the most common and most serious scientific statement which claims: it’s the space itself which is expanding, and the galaxy is being carried along with that…

What more reasonable minds whose thought processes have not yet disappeared, aware of that statement “space expanding… carried galaxies” it is an absolute idiocy, while having no idea how to make sense of that expansion, kindly omit a statement in which galaxies are carried by the space. So it sounds this way: galaxies simply remain motionless (apart from their natural movement), only the space between clusters of galaxies expands (moves) to form the enormity of the universe. But to think sensibly does mean think wisely?
But if indeed such a process occurs it may be that we are dealing not only with the process difficult to understand, but that it is the greatest mystery of the Universe, comparable with infinity and rather in a deeper sense than it allows us our reasoning. Also, this case could be cruel proof of how our knowledge has little to do with the reality of this universe and it’s much more than we can suppose.
But don’t fall into the black hole of despair. This mechanism, although theoretically possible, in practice is impossible to existence. Not only is it impossible to occur in clusters of galaxies because of the gravitationally bound… but also not necessarily occur between clusters of galaxies where not necessarily be missing quite strong gravity.
Unless these are the scientific assumptions (between clusters of galaxies isn’t sufficiently strong gravity) but have not yet been heard that some astute scholar refuted the main assumptions of Einstein’s work. Also in these considerations will not help us 11 or 54 dimensions. Also, the curved universe in itself wouldn’t help. The more it is not advisable to make the quantum universe because really needed a little respect for our troubled minds.

The more that a shift of this mystery among the biggest mysteries of the universe keeps very prosaic problem – speed of the space. Actually, what is the speed of space… what is the speed of expansion of the universe.
But instead we apply very scientific calculation … km/s/mpc – we use the galaxies as a pointer to grasp the magnitude of the mad speed of the universe. So is it 0.8 c which move away very distant galaxies or 8 c, the speed with which it drives the galaxy at the edge of the Universe. And a technologically advanced civilization that inhabited the galaxy outside of our visible universe, stated that we are moving away from them at 22 c.
Of course it is a movement and apparent speed. But somewhere must be a point where we have to deal with the real speed. And without any doubt these are the edges of the Universe. Assume that it is 555 555 555 km/s … So how is it possible that in the same time and almost in the same area, two clusters of galaxies move away from each other at 5555 km/s.
So our cluster of galaxies (with Milky Way) move away from another cluster galaxies at 222 222 222 km/s or at a speed 4444 km/s. Of course at a small speed, but at the same time, the two clusters of galaxies (with Earth) are rushing exceed several times the speed of light, creating the enormity of this universe.
Imagine that we have a platform moving at high speed (eg. 999 km/h). From the center of the platform rush two cars away from each other with the speed of a 99 km/h. i think that, although unrealistic, is probably conceivable situation. Imagine now that the material objects are dematerialization, leaving elements as in the cosmic (bubbling) soup. also physical event remain! It just like space, not having the matter in itself, however, carries its beginnings. so in our example remains speed. Just as speed space. Only which speed? Because we have three speed!
but the main thing that remains is a few speed. so which one is correct. suppose that it is a 2222 or 999 999 999 km/s or theses (-) 2222 km/s So with that of the speed of moving space…
i do not know whether this question( plus several other) is wise or idiotic, but certainly is not completely meaningless… at least so i think.