without any meaning!? (v2)

Unquestionably the greatest achievement of modern science is the belief that almost everything we know. But despite this, however, our knowledge that looks so good, it’s probably still some mysteries remain. So what are the biggest mysteries of the universe.
Probably the very essence of its creation… or existence without that… Apart from the existence and operation of divine forces, rather, we confine ourselves to the basics of the real universe: space, time, energy, and the greatest mystery – infinity. The next circle of secrets but of lesser importance include gravity, inflation, dark energy and matter, or the mechanisms underlying the expansion of the Universe.
expansion of… this is especially complicated for the common mind because we are dealing with values that exceed several times the speed of light. and galaxies do not exceed the speed of light. So what caused it that at the Edge of the Universe appeared galaxies.

Surely this isn’t a simple question and it will be difficult to obtain reasonable explanation. However, since the true mechanisms underlying these processes are the most hidden secret thoughts of very serious scientists. But it would not be too serious to be left to the whole process without any explanation so less thoughtful scientists decided to explain to us in the form of a (very clever) picture theory. only a small fragment which a bit doesn’t fit seriousness of the Mathematical Universe but failed to remove galaxies. So what’s the problem with these galaxies?
So very wise people figure out quite reasonably that the galaxies themselves aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise… only space itself which is expanding… and the galaxies are being carried along with that… whatever that means!
Only in this case common sense is the best solution. Because if we were not so very fascinated by the effects of work of our brain and a little less reasonable, we would talk with the aliens in one of the next galaxies. So probably these very nice beings which we are describing as the aliens, would tell us that they live in a distant cluster of galaxies. But they aren’t happy since have very much large worried for our fate: fate of people and the earth. What really scares them is the fact that between them (aliens) and the earth is a cluster of galaxies that behaves very strangely. but what the strangest in all of this is that these galaxies furiously moving away from their galaxy. they have an absolute and visually tangible evidence that unimaginable terrible power throwing these galaxies away from them (aliens), towards the Milky Way… towards the earth… that is towards us… and aliens worried that these galaxies hit with a terrible vengeance in the Milky Way and destroy everything.
Probably, as it is usually with aliens, a bit mentally retarded. Because we have absolutely true, visually tangible evidence that this cluster of galaxies is moving away from us (from Milky Way), terrible power causes that galaxies are rushing with tremendous speed in the direction of galaxy where live aliens… and there is no doubt that collide with this galaxy and destroy the aliens world.
But let’s not in utter dismay, because it turned out that it was just an illusion of our mind, moreover, as well as and aliens. Because very clever people have found that it doesn’t lead to catastrophic events only that it is a result of expansion of the universe. So galaxies aren’t rushing in order to hit other.. only that each cluster of galaxies moving away from the other clusters of galaxies. just run away from each other. So there will never be a collision. Only the result is a growing universe.
So we cannot allow so that these alien beings which perhaps even don’t know math, shook the foundations of our mental powers. Could it meant that our mind is the greatest value in the universe. Probably so. Only sometimes you really need to think about what it is claimed with such absolute certainty.
Imagine a car that stands on the platform. From two different sides, two strongmen are coming up to this car and everyone starts to push IT… car probably remain unmoved. In a similar way work space. Galaxies remain motionless. But after all not a mind of the wise scientist, who never stay still, who immediately finds. This is not the whole truth. Let us imagine, says scholar, the entire event again but now a very huge strongman appears… which without the slightest difficulty moves it all, platform with car and weak strongmen. Because in this is the nature of space, which expands in all its power in the whole area of its existence.

So maybe we will consider seriously what could it mean that the universe is expanding… and not only will we have recourse to scientific carefree. It is necessary however to admit that what more conscious minds, whose process of thinking not yet entirely disappeared, aware of the statement (space expanding … carries a galaxies) is an absolute idiocy… trying to keep remains of the scientific decency, and in some way to clarify this and somehow save the remnants of sense in these scientific speculations! unfortunately, instead of deeper reflection, only an emptiness appears after the discreetly omitted fragment about carrying galaxies by the space.
And it sounds as follows: Just as the universe is expanding, galaxies remain motionless (except for the natural movement), only the space between them is expanding… creating more and more space which, of course, the properties (miraculously) remain the same because how else could that be. Of course, one cannot exclude the fact that just such a process occurs, but if it could prove that we are dealing with the mechanisms not only very difficult to understand, but it is also becoming the biggest mystery of this universe, comparable only with the infinite. But what we might not be aware is that in this case could well be the basis of our knowledge of the cosmos have even less in common with reality than we can suppose. Unless we care only about the mathematical picture of the universe.
But let us not fall down into the despair. It isn’t simply possible for such mechanisms to exist in reality. Not only is it impossible to occur in clusters of galaxies because of the gravitationally bound… but also not necessarily occur between clusters of galaxies where not necessarily be missing quite strong gravity. Unless you have scientific statement that between the clusters of galaxies isn’t sufficiently strong gravity. but somehow I haven’t heard that some scientific genius refuted main guidelines of works of Einstein.
Also, these considerations do not help us 11 or 54 dimensions. Also does not help curved universe itself. Also, not much is advisable to use the quantum universe, because a bit a respect for our exhausted mind is needed.

But the problem is not only a shift of these processes to the greatest mysteries of the universe. Also remains quite prosaic question. Actually, what is the speed of the expanding universe? What is the speed of space. Perhaps because the value of 73 km/s/mpc is only a smaller part of the truth of a mathematical understanding of reality!
To clarify the question of what exactly is the problem then one should use a picture of simplification because the scientific approach unfortunately fails. So… but instead of to apply scientific calculations… km/s/mpc … we use the galaxies as a pointer in order to grasp meaning of these crazy speeds. So whether it is 0.8 which is part of the very distant galaxies are rushing or 8 c, from which the galaxies are rushing at the End of the Universe. And a technologically advanced civilization that inhabited the galaxy outside of our visible universe, stated that we are moving away from them at 22 c.
Of course these are apparent speed. But somewhere a place must be in this universe where the real speed is appearing… and without any doubt it is probably the edges of the universe, of course, a little further than the boundaries of the visible universe. because if the universe really is expanding it must be somewhere the border of area which is still growing.
Assume that it is 999 999 999 km/s. So how is it possible that at the same time and almost in the same areas, two clusters of galaxies are moving apart at a speed of 55555 km/s. So our cluster of galaxies (with Milky Way) move away from another cluster galaxies at 222 222 222 km/s or at a speed 44444 km/s. Of course at a small speed, but at the same time, the two clusters of galaxies (with Earth) are rushing exceed several times the speed of light, creating the enormity of this universe.
Imagine that we have a platform moving at high speed (eg. 999 km/h). From the center of the platform rush two cars away from each other with the speed of a 99 km/h. i think that, although unrealistic, is probably conceivable situation. Imagine now that the material objects are dematerialization, leaving elements as in the cosmic (bubbling) soup. also physical event remain! It just like space, not having the matter in itself, however, carries its beginnings. so in our example remains speed. Just as speed space. Only which speed? Because we have three speed!
So which one is correct. suppose that it is a 2222 or 999 999 999 km/s or theses (-) 2222 km/s. So with that of the speed of moving space.
i do not know whether this question( plus several other) is wise or idiotic, but certainly is not completely meaningless… at least so i think.