without any meaning!? v3

The most important wisdom of our mind regarding this universe actually are expressed in a few glimpses of human genius.
There is no god (probably), the universe was created from nothing, expands itself, is finite but there are no boundaries.
But if so, in this all is also hidden the greatest mystery of this universe, and this doesn’t apply to divine being, or our conscious existence, so doesn’t even let us try to guess what it might be.
Because it isn’t, of course, gravity (about which of course almost everything we know but we understand nothing), dark energy, dark matter, inflation, black holes, …
It cannot be also reasoning, that behavior of certain particle can destroy the universe, or that if certain parameters of the atom was slightly different, the universe wouldn’t exist at all.
Because it could indicate that we live in a total illusion that we understand anything.

Our comprehension of the Universe is mainly based on Einstein’s thoughts.
Perhaps imperfect, perhaps even erroneous, but great.
However, his genius doesn’t give us wisdom, only is used to justify an increasingly meaningless theory.
Perhaps the events that occurred after the period as many have tried to make sense of Einstein’s works and then this divine thought could just appear that maybe they are wiser.
So probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley.

Expansion of… this is especially complicated for the common mind because we are dealing with values that exceed several times the speed of light.
But this isn’t possible with the matter.
So what caused galaxies to appear at the Edge of the Universe?

But because the common reasoning can in this case be a bit deceptive.
So very wise people figure out quite reasonably that the galaxies themselves aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise… only space itself which is expanding… and the galaxies are being carried along with it… whatever that means!
Pretty wise but may be enough to talk with a very nice creatures (aliens) who inhabit a distant galaxy… although they are very unhappy, and what’s more exactly from our reason.
What really scares them is the fact that between them (aliens) and the earth is a cluster of galaxies that behaves very strangely… even crazy!
But what’s turned out to be the strangest of all is the fact that these galaxies are moving away from them (aliens) at terrible speed…
and aliens have absolutely true, because visually tangible evidence that unimaginable terrible power throwing these galaxies away from them in the direction of the Milky Way… towards the earth… that is towards us, people – and aliens worried that these galaxies hit with a terrible vengeance in the Milky Way and destroy everything.

Probably, as it is usually with aliens, a bit mentally retarded.
Because just we, people, have absolutely true, visually tangible evidence that these galaxies moving away from us (from Milki Way)… terrible power causes these galaxies are rushing with tremendous speed in the direction of galaxy where live aliens.
And there is no doubt that collide with this galaxy and destroy the aliens world.

But nothing to get depressed, because it turned out it is only an illusion!
The more we cannot allow so that these alien beings which perhaps even don’t know math, shook the foundations of our mental powers.
Could it meant that our mind is the greatest value in the universe. Probably so…
Great mind that can so much to see and understand nothing.

But how to grasp the mechanism that “carrying galaxies” (these scientists must be really idiots) and especially when this wonderful mechanism carries the same galaxy simultaneously in two opposing directions.
Unless what we can see isn’t real reality only just an illusion of our mathematical mind.

So maybe we will consider seriously what could it mean that the universe is expanding… not just speculate carelessly.
However one must admit what more conscious minds, whose process of thinking not yet entirely disappeared, being aware that the statement of carrying galaxies is complete idiocy … trying to keep remains of the scientific decency and in some way to clarify this and somehow save the remnants of sense in these scientific speculations…
Unfortunately, instead of deeper reflection, only an emptiness appears after the discreetly omitted fragment about carrying galaxies by the space.

So it sounds: galaxies remain unmoved, only the space between them is expanding… creating more and more space (by itself), which, of course, the properties (miraculously) remain the same because how else could that be.

This all sounds very good, which confirms how amazing cunning characterizes our mind!
Previously, it sounded like this: “as the Universe expands, with galaxies getting farther apart, the fabric of space expands along with it”
So how it works now?
Unfortunately, the fabric of space is too modest term.

It’s rather wonderful box full of fumes of scientific wisdom where simple and limited possibilities of quantum fluctuations were endowed with divine properties… began existence of this universe and continue to create!
So the factory of space (like crazy) multiplies itself.
and even (perhaps by the way, as waste) creates matter and it’s not just 4%.

Perhaps we remember the motto of a certain president?
“It’s the economy, stupid”.
So maybe something for the modern scientist.
“It’s only illusion, you idiot”

It is probably obvious that it is difficult to consider these doubts because there is no serious alternative to bb theory.
Actually, there is not even mental capabilities.
Not only now, also in the previous period (before 1998) no one was able to capture any sense of these processes.
Of course apart from our misconception of the possibility of gravity.

It seems that the whole of our cosmology has only the value of certain famous balloon.
Invented to illustrate the expansion of the Universe, now has become a major scientific proof that the universe is expanding.
And that’s really sad.