by stupid Pole

1. twin paradox (plus)
2. nonsense!
3. Prophetic thoughts of Mr. Hawking and time travel.
4. Prove that nothing can be seen!
5. speed of expansion
6. Ethan and Nobel Prize!


twin paradox (plus)

probably we know the essence of this thought experiment. But this isn’t the whole truth. Because it turned out, that almost at the same time as two twin brothers (Alan and Bill), the third brother was born, Chris. When the brothers reached the age of 20 years, began this experiment.
So Bill was launched into deep space, but at the same time also they fired Chris, on the same route, but at a faster vehicle that reached speeds close to the speed of light. When after several days Chris came back, Alan was already 28 years old (was older by 8 years) while Chris has practically not grown old (only several days). That would be the twin paradox, but only if the meeting was about Allen and Bill! But is only Chris (faster vehicle) and Bill still traveling (slower vehicle). The next four years passed when Bill appear (now 24), while at the same time, Alan grew old about 9 years old (now 29).
I don’t think mathematical mind grasped the nuances of these experiments because mathematically almost everything is correct. Also clocks show the truth, at least so say scientists. It is claimed that due to some natural limitations isn’t possible we see in a telescope the moment of the birth of the Universe (big bang). But I hope this doesn’t include time, so we may see the beginning of time. If in our infinite wisdom we understand what time is …


It may seem that the bb theory is the only reasonable theory, because how else to explain what comes to us from deep space? But when we are trying to grasp the deeper meaning of this theory, its scientific sense begins to fade in the haze of scientific senselessness! Despite the knowledge that was revealed to us in the wisdom of the mathematical universe, the real power of our knowledge is based firmly on what is happening in our solar system.
So nobody says that the Doppler effect is just an illusion or that if two athletes push a car from opposing sides, then it will move. Instead, in accordance with common sense, the car should remain unmoved in its place. So why in deep space does our wisdom fail?
The Doppler effect is the absolute truth. It proves that the galaxies are moving away, which creates an image of the expanding universe. And despite so many ambiguities, it has become an indisputable basis on which is based entirely our understanding of this universe. But the truth that applies to galaxies that provide this effect, it’s like a little less important … it actually doesn’t have any value. May we not appreciate the importance of small details, overwhelmed by too obvious suppositions? And that can be more than a mistake. It may just be ignorance!
Because this description of the behavior of galaxies in deep space is completely contrary to the behavior of objects in our solar system. A galaxy should therefore remain unmoved. and yet we have “scientific evidence” that escapes from us in the mad rush. And maybe it’s just our “scientific” delusion. So in the case of galaxies we have to deal with another scientific basis. Whether we are dealing with unrealistic nonsense scientific charlatans?
Because how can it be possible that if two processes (a, b) in our environment (the earth, the solar system) are absolutely true! But in the distant universe only one event has real meaning for us. and this applies to the Doppler effect. And events associated with mechanisms for galaxies have for us absolutely no any meaning. The only problem lies in the fact that the behavior of galaxies (b) provides the basis for effects that gives us the Doppler effect (a). So if it all doesn’t make any sense! But quite serious problem lies in the fact that we may not have reason to believe that there are grounds for such effects (Doppler effect).


Prophetic thoughts of Mr. Hawking and time travel.

Scientific illusions is not only weakens the strength and seriousness of science, but also strongly contributes to the degeneration of the reasoning of all mankind. Science gives us unimaginable opportunities. Unfortunately, in his mad rush also it creates the illusion that science will solve the problems that limit humanity in its almost divine possibilities. Only problem is that enlightened minds don’t see the little fact that there are some limits, however, that human reason (probably) never cross. And the expectations and hopes are really great: mainly space colonization. So we can soon expect great vehicles moving at speeds exceeding several times the speed of light, because only this will enable us the conquest of cosmos! It may help us in a reasonable time to reach another planets.
Unfortunately, in practice it will be difficult to achieve even a few percent (rather optimistic version) of the speed of light. Never (even in the remotest history of mankind) will be an opportunity to reach another solar system. The more it will be absolutely impossible to reach the planet with stunning oceans full of oily fish. Perhaps even establish radio contact with aliens will be impossible. But there is good news. There is also a small possibility that the terrible monsters arrived here from deep space. Because if there was a such possibility that would have long since been here (unless they were the dinosaurs).
And that’s all i write now at the time when already happen real miracles. Successful experiments with teleportation. Almost finished is also a prototype vehicle that will allow us to exceed the speed of light, even several times! Moreover, soon we will have so much power that will create Worm Holes. Which will allow us to reach another galaxy in a very short period of time. Even travel all over the universe.
Unfortunately, everything is just beautiful illusions. Theory can still blithely jumps; unfortunately, the practice will stop us (for the next millions of years) on our beautiful planet. Not help even prophetic thoughts of Mr. Hawking. These considerations of great intellectuals are really sometimes tragic! The fact that a quantum fluctuation has some possibilities, it is only illusion wise scientists this could create this universe (even multiverse). Moreover, it is claimed that such a quantum processes are even such possibilities that may cause that the universe will disappear. So (if only) those are the possibilities of the human mind rather what should not give us too much hope. Moreover, that can also be seen clearly in the thoughts of people who put their trust in divine forces – are no less idiotic.
But flashed a glimmer of hope. Time travel. It will be perfectly possible. Next generations will have the opportunity to come back to the past and fix our mistakes. But unfortunately something had to fail, because they no appeared. Because if was the possibility of time travel, that’s what our times would be the purpose of this trip, not to the time when the pyramids were built. Because right now is happening and begin the things that definitely will decide on the fate of humanity.
So if our human species degenerated our genetic experiments – very likely. Because the limit for which there is no return quite easy to cross. But maybe artificial intelligence turned out to be more effective. But maybe won artificial intelligence, and these “beings” no need forests, lakes or oceans. And the more people.


Prove that nothing can be seen!

It is such a famous (scientific) statement: “we cannot see back to the big bang no matter how large a telescope we build is that our view is blocked” So such an event as the birth of the Universe, would be just a miserable effect the expansion of the space itself which is apparently the result of quantum fluctuations? There is no doubt that the universe was born with such immense power that is simply impossible that this effects were blocked by its own limitations. If its remnants were able to survive until now (cmb) it means that the moment of creation had to be so powerful and their image isn’t faded into nothingness! That if this bb theory has any sense so the process of the birth of the Universe must be visible and actually now, in Hubble telescope! If it is claimed that there will be no visible effects of these powerful processes. In this case to prove that nothing can be seen. (more precisely we won’t see galaxies older than the existence of the Universe eg. at the age of 15.8 billion years). This can only mean that actually, now our knowledge is falling apart, only enlightened minds, blinded in his confidence, yet don’t see it!


speed of expansion

If we are so confident of this that the universe is expanding, so maybe we try more precisely determine what is the actual speed of the expansion of the universe. Since 73 km/s/mpc, this is only a mathematical property of reality.
To understand the essence of this question, we have to rely on more natural observations, because the mathematical understanding of the universe, marked by the stigma of the pretty famous statement: “space carries galaxies” (these scientists must be really idiots), will not allow us to capture the essence of this problem. As a pointer to capture those crazy speeds will use the image of galaxies with the telescopes. If it is 2c, with which moving away from us distant galaxy, or 8c, as the galaxies move away at the End of the Universe, this is understandable. However, when a very advanced civilization outside our range finds that we move away from them at a speed of 33 c, than we move to other areas of these considerations, probably more appropriate. Unfortunately, too risky for our knowledge. But these are all apparent speed.
But somewhere must be an area where there is actual speed, and without doubt these are the edges of the universe, (use term boundaries of the universe would be a serious crime)! and they are probably pretty far in excess of the speed of 999 999 999 km/s. A small problem, however, lies also in another obvious fact that near these areas there are also different speeds, such 73km/s or 567 km/s.
And it wouldn’t be so scary if not for another, even more frightening fact – the earth is no longer the center of the universe. So perhaps our earth together with the neighboring galaxies can run 999 km/s or even 999 999 999 km/s.


Nobel Prize for Ethan Siegel – how Ethan changed our way of thinking about this universe!

For many years, our minds have been poisoned by one of the most toxic concepts: “space carries galaxies”. That’s what “carries” the most idiotic concept which results from the delusion of human comprehension of reality. So young scientists with their wonderful minds, with the intention to eliminate this idiocy figured out an ingenious solution. The fact that we observe galaxies moving with enormous speeds is not a consequence of the fact that they are carried by space. So it remains that space expands in itself, but doesn’t carry galaxies that remain stationary, only the growth in the size of space increases the distance between galaxies. And this we see as galaxies rushing (the Doppler effect), is the only indicator that space is expanding.
It is hard to visualize this process in order to give an idea of how this mechanism works, because once the balloon has replaced our common sense. These events are so abstract that they have no reference to reality! Indeed, we can even imagine the expansion of space, or even “carrying”, which results that we can conclude that it is complete idiocy in respect of the galaxies, we can even imagine what it is the dark energy by referring to other types of energy. but this process is unimaginable. Of course this is only my description because careless great thinkers simply have no desire to deal with such insignificant trifles. Just in his passionate descriptions of basic issues of the Universe, blithely ignore this most important and most difficult piece of “carrying galaxies by the space”.
More clever, as Mr. Ethan, conduct their own, very serious consideration. “galaxies have not moved at all, the space between them has increased” or “the galaxies are not moving, the space between them is literally expanded”. Of course, in scientific carelessness, who have the courage to think how would be look our universe, if such mechanisms actually works. So maybe “carries galaxies by space” is a little less idiotic. And this is the correct approach!
It turned out that perhaps the most famous man of the bunch, Mr. Ethan breaks up with this reasoning. Mr. Ethan, probably as a result of deep thoughts, tentatively considering the possibility that maybe the previous model, however, is more likely. and very rightly so, because although both descriptions are completely meaningless, however, “carries” in this case is a little less idiotic. Why it can be assumed that there was such a radical transformation. Of course, on the basis of new assertions of Mr. Ethan. because he wrote: “galaxy was – thanks to repeated gravitational interactions – accelerated to 99% the speed of light.”
Of course, I’m pretty sure that in this case there is no other possibility but such that Mr. Ethan had in mind that this galaxy is “carried”. because if it turned out that Mr. Ethan meant that the galaxy was launched and accelerated by gravitational forces like a missile, it would be shocking observation. it would be really a new scientific approach.
Although Mr. Ethan has a lot of unusual vision, e.g. start from inflation and ends on a big bang, but in this case it would be a small exaggeration. On the other hand I do not even want to guess what Mr. Ethan meant by saying “bluer” because maybe it’s just my illusion that it is preparing the next breakthrough in astronomy.

Imagine the following scenario: back when the Universe was just a billion years old, a galaxy was – thanks to repeated gravitational interactions – accelerated to 99% the speed of light. For the 12.8 billion years that have passed for us since that time, only 1.8 billion years have passed for that lucky (or unlucky) galaxy. Compared to galaxies like our own, it will appear smaller, younger, bluer and “stunted” in its growth. by Ethan


But perhaps this is completely wrong reasoning, but nobody has any idea and perhaps even courage to prove foolish Pole; you’re just an idiot!
maybe not worth, because that still doesn’t matter.

2015 by stan Humel – Wielun, Poland.



part 1 (10.2.2015)

The disease never appears without apparent reason. But it does not determine the cause of our ultimate destiny.
The real “cruel” irony of fate is that it’s not factors beyond our control (eg. genes) are decisive.
The most devastating impact on our existence are seemingly trivial and almost innocent our actions – e.g. absolutely i don’t mean smoking cigarettes.
The degeneration of our body is essentially only one reason, junk food.
But asolutnie it is not (only) this type of food, which commonly we consider to be junk food.
So it happens one of the most wonderful creations of evolution (immune system), not only cannot protect us but can cruelly attack our body, resulting in the most horrible and terrible destruction, injury and disability: ms, blindness, amputations, etc.
Colds, flu … it’s a real threat if it is weakened.
The real tragedy begins when a weakened and depressed immune system does not properly recognize the processes taking place in our body when germs attack us. that starts with flu and ends on heart transplantation.
Even more frightening when the degeneration of the immune system without “any reason” turns beautiful young people in pitiful human remains (ms, als …).
But this is not the fault of our body, the more it is not the fault of cruel fate or destiny it is only we ourselves, personally, are creating their tragic destiny. A very effective contributes to our stupidity and carelessness.
Because that lead to such a state that you have to really try hard.
Because the system (our body) very rarely ruin extraordinary events, it’s just our daily carefree which exposes us to a terrible bill.
But we care about our health fully conscious. Especially highly developed and rich society: germany, english, norwegians, …
They all know the value of their health.
They know how important an active lifestyle, healthy eating, hygiene …
That’s why in the near future, many will develop cancer, many thousands of good-bye to his family forever.
Why are more and more often we get depression and senile dementia? and our times are not isolated cases. It’s an entire generation die away in a terrible nonexistence of consciousness!