1. without any doubt?!

Almost entirely our comprehending of the nature of this Universe manifested itself for us in a few glimpses of human genius … was created by itself 14 billion years ago, without any special reason, created almost out of nothing, expands itself … is finite but without borders. But if so, in this is also hidden the greatest mystery of this universe, and this doesn’t apply to a divine being or our conscious existence!

Our (most radical) understanding of the universe is mostly based on Einstein’s thoughts. Perhaps imperfect, but great. However, his genius doesn’t give us wisdom, it is only used to justify increasingly preposterous theories … so probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley!
We got rid of god but somehow we cannot get rid of the illusion that our mind is a gift from heaven!
So how we want to understand the universe, when you do not have the slightest idea what we want to understand.

Looking into the depths of the sky we “can see” infinity but it is only an illusion because when a scientist looks through a very powerful telescope can only see the back of his own head. Perhaps it was the most wonderful moment of our reasoning when a real power of the Mathematical Universe came into existence.
Only one little fact completely spoils the beauty of this whole truth: galaxies!

Scientific nonsense become so perfect that no one pays any attention to its idiocy. We accept it as revealed truth which results from the very wisdom of science. No less beautiful than the wisdom of the Bible. Only problem is that this scientific wisdom can “carries” the greatest nonsense of all time.
Especially, when it is very unwise to say that space carries galaxies. because then this statement also “carries” the whole point of this beautiful theory.


2. expansion of …

Expansion of… this is especially complicated because we are dealing with values exceeding the speed of light. But this isn’t possible with galaxies.
So very wise people figured out quite reasonably that the galaxies aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise on its journey to the edges of the Universe. Only the space itself expands, and carries galaxies … (towards the complete idiocy!)
But it turned out that it was a big mistake to forget about the innate wisdom of beautiful minds.
Because in the end they figured out that is a complete nonsense to claim that space carries the galaxies … so there is a new wisdom.
Now galaxies remain stationary while space itself expands, and by growth in its size, increases the distance between clusters of galaxies and this is what causes the expansion of the universe.
Only the problem is that galaxies also should remain in fixed position with respect to the expanding universe.
That is, evenly distributed throughout the Universe. at least as we see it actually!
so in order to remain on their fixed positions, galaxies must rush like crazy (maybe even 55 c) in order to keep up with the expansion of the universe.
leading to the effects observable in practice.
Craziness! But thank goodness these contradictions are only consequences of failure of our mind. Because it is only apparent motion of the galaxies.
Do we really understand that or just play the role of “useful idiots”: The galaxies remain in a fixed position relative to the expansion of the Universe for already 14 billion years. Only the space itself between clusters of galaxies expands, resulting in expansion of the entire Universe!
So when in the early universe two galaxies were separated from each other at a distance of 1 billion light years, so now, after 13 billion years, these same two galaxies are separated by a distance of about 76 billion light years!


3. wonderful box

But HOW? Because the beauty of this explanation doesn’t affect its greater reality. and all this supposedly explains plotted by scientists cunning simplification: Fabric of the Universe. However the problem is … it is rather wonderful box full of fumes of scientific wisdom where simple and limited possibilities of quantum fluctuations were endowed with divine properties and human illusions!

Opening the box was not a beginning of neither the time nor space, only a very strange process of multiplication! Since the most brilliant minds say that empty space has more energy than everything in the Universe (at least a huge amount)! And because it is a force opposite to the force of gravity (has a negative pressure). So it is this cause and effect this Universe came into existence “almost” from nothing.

So let’s do a little thought experiment: suppose there wasn’t any stuff when things began (about 14 billion years ago), and the space was the size of a grain of sand. If so then imagine that within just a few seconds this unimaginably small area increase to the size of our current universe. Impossible. Rather ask how it works!

and all this drives a very simple and wonderful mechanism: as the universe expands, the more dark energy there seems to be, and the more dark energy there is, the more that drives expansion… and this creates a new space with a new vacuum energy … and so on without end! But because matter was needed to create the human mind, so the whole process of creating our existence lasted for 13.8 billion years. So it created something out of nothing! No less rational explanation can be found in the Bible.

4. fading beauty?

The expanding Universe is a race between two opposing forces: the initial expansion, striving to drive everything apart incredibly rapidly, and the force of gravity, working to pull everything back together … and then came the dark force and started to oppress gravity.

The universe is so strong how strong is gravity, so can exist in the form that allows us to understand the essence of its existence. And this is because we can imagine universe as a closed, an independent entity, which is finite but without borders. (maybe a slight exaggeration but try to imagine infinite universe?!)

And when dark energy begins to dominate over gravity, when we deprive the importance of gravity – we are destroying our universe.
The universe will begin to fade, and all our knowledge will only become useless idiocy.

Scientists says that the universe will expand forever … in the cold and darkness … faster and faster … but will not open the gates to heaven … because the universe cannot expand indefinitely, only in a place where gravity works!

Until 1998 theory still works well. but when it turned out the dark energy is several times more than the power of gravity (universe might be 99% dark energy. Riess), probably the universe can only save the energy of our boundless stupidity (dark energy creates space).

But if you have the impression that modern science escapes farther from reality, it is a false impression. Because knowledge of the expansion of the universe that existed before 1998 is no less ridiculous than the one that drives the dark energy.