without … (mini)

without any meaning.

Almost entirely our comprehending of the nature of this Universe manifested itself for us in a few glimpses of human genius … was created by itself 14 billion years ago, without any special reason, almost out of nothing, expands itself … is finite but without borders. But if so, in this is also hidden the greatest mystery of this universe, and this doesn’t apply to a divine being or our conscious existence! So do not even try to guess.

Nonsense hidden in our knowledge are glaring. So why we don’t notice these idiocies!? Perhaps because thanks to that, our knowledge has become so perfectly beautiful! No less wonderful, revealed wisdom found in the Bible.
But we definitely got rid of god. little pity that somehow we cannot get rid of the illusion that our mind is a gift from heaven! So probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley!
and perhaps that’s all because of such a little detail: galaxies!

Expansion of… this is especially complicated because we are dealing with values exceeding the speed of light. But this isn’t possible with galaxies.
So very wise people figured out quite reasonably that the galaxies aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise on its journey to the edges of the Universe. Only the space itself expands, and carries galaxies …
But problem is then this statement can “carries” the whole point of this beautiful theory.

But it turned out that it was a big mistake to forget about the innate wisdom of beautiful minds. Because in the end they figured out that is a complete nonsense to claim that space carries the galaxies … so there is a new wisdom.

Now galaxies remain stationary while space itself expands, and by growth in its size, increases the distance between clusters of galaxies and this is what causes the expansion of the universe.

But the problem is that galaxies also should remain in fixed position with respect to the (whole) expanding universe. That is, evenly distributed throughout the Universe. at least as we see it in practice!
This is the main reason why: existence of human consciousness that observes the universe!

So in order to remain on their fixed positions, leading to the effects observable in practice, galaxies must rush like crazy (maybe even 22 c) in order to keep up with the expansion of the universe.

Craziness! But thank goodness these contradictions are only consequences of failure of our mind. Because it is only apparent motion of the galaxies.

So do we really understand it?! When in the early universe two galaxies were separated from each other at a distance of 1 billion light years, so now, after 12 billion years, these same two galaxies are separated by a distance of about 72 billion light years!