without (v3)

1. without any doubt?!

Almost our entirely comprehending of the nature of this Universe manifested itself for us in a few glimpses of human genius. Nothing and suddenly is Something. Very small and faint; finite but without borders… independent of anything… only limited by its own gravity. Because the Universe expands from a small point. and more specifically – from Nothing! But it doesn’t mean that the Universe is Nothing. Because it is the expansion process actually creates the power of the Universe.
But if that’s all true, in all of this is hidden the greatest mystery of the universe, and that doesn’t apply to God and our conscious existence! So doesn’t even let us try to guess what it might be.

Our understanding of the universe is mostly based on Einstein’s thoughts. Maybe imperfect, (maybe even partly wrong), but great. However, his genius doesn’t give us wisdom, it is only used to justify increasingly preposterous theories… so probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley!
And enough to explain a small detail – what is actually happens with galaxies – that’s all!

Looking into the depths of the sky we “can see” infinity … heavens. But the universe created by the god has (almost) no any sense. Only scientific description seems to have a real sense. so perfect that no one pays any attention to its idiocy. We accept it as revealed truth which results from the very wisdom of science. We got rid of god. It is a pity that we can not get rid of the illusion that our mind is a gift from heaven.

So how are we (supposed) to understand the universe, if we do not have the slightest idea what we want to understand!

2. Expansion of …

Especially complicated problem, because galaxies cannot exceed the speed of light! So very wise people figured out quite reasonably that the galaxies aren’t actually moving through space … only the space itself expands, and carries galaxies … But the problem is that this statement probably also “carries” the whole point of this beautiful theory.
But it turned out that it was a big mistake to forget about the innate wisdom of beautiful minds. Because in the end they figured out that is a complete nonsense to claim that space carries the galaxies … so there is a new wisdom!

Now galaxies remain stationary in relation to the space, while space itself expands (in itself), and by growth in its size, increases the distance between (clusters of) galaxies and this is what causes the expansion of the universe.
Only the problem is that galaxies must remain on its stationary positions, not only in relation to space, but also remain in fixed position with respect to the whole expanding universe.

Though these aren’t identical processes! I don’t consider the mechanisms of … just as we perceive that! Because a human mind appeared, creating the most complicated relation in this Universe (but without any practical significance)! Maybe this is the reason we don’t see the essence of the problems, confusing the effect with the cause!

Do we really understand, or just seems to us that we understand; when in the early universe two galaxies were separated from each other at a distance of 1 billion light years, so now, after 12 billion years, these same two galaxies are separated (from each other) by a distance of about 76 billion light years! But this isn’t actual the motion of galaxies, only a space is growing in its volume, fattened up with power of the dark energy!

3. wonderful box

But HOW? Because the beauty of this explanation doesn’t affect its greater reality. and all this supposedly explains plotted by scientists cunning simplification: Fabric of the Universe.
But in order to be sure about it, so let’s do a little thought experiment: Suppose that when the universe began its existence, was, i.e. the size of a grain of sand. Now imagine that within just a few seconds this small area expanded to the size of current universe.
And this drives a very simple and wonderful mechanism: the more the universe expands, the more dark energy there seems to be … and the more dark energy there is, the more it drives expansion … and so on without end! But because matter was needed to create the human mind, so the whole process of creating our existence lasted for 14 billion years. So it created something out of nothing! No less rational explanation can be found in the Bible.

But the real glimpse of human genius manifested itself in quantum physics.

4. quantum wonders!

Probably the universe is a effect of quantum miracles. But all this is really logical, imaginary and scientifically justified. Maybe this all a little complicated the wise men in the Bible. But enough to just a little bit of divine energy … and the universe create itself. But really charming description created scientists: just start with one (only one) rule of quantum physics and so begins the process of creating the Universe!

But do not ask “Where was god when created the universe?”, because this question doesn’t make any sense. Especially, don’t ask scientists how a Universe came into existence without any cause. Because it is obvious that it is the very nature of quantum physics, where the effect and the cause don’t have ordinary properties, only rather wonderful. Just could arise or not, but eventually Universe began its existence.

5. Galactic Wonders

Moving backwards, we come to the moment where wasn’t actually the Universe. But are we aware that in our reality, there is no less unimaginable process. Because really shocking things take place when the Universe expanding, absolutely no worries about the galaxies. Just a pity scientists are interested (so much) in the doppler effect, but absolutely not interested in their primary mechanisms of these processes.

Isn’t puzzling, that everything in this universe (to some degree) is imaginable! (in the total helplessness, we can count on mathematics, which is able to explain and prove almost everything). Just not this one mechanism – when the space expands itself, growing between the fixed galaxies, but not having power of moving them. So (clusters of) galaxies distant from each other, remain motionless.

6. fading beauty?

The expansion of the Universe is race between two opposing forces: the initial expansion (+ dark energy), striving to drive everything apart incredibly rapidly, and the force of gravity, working to pull everything back together. But begins a serious problem, because dark energy become dominant! So start disappearing distant galaxies, and the whole Universe begins to slowly fade into oblivion.

Of course, gravity must remain constant, (regardless of the size of the universe), because it is about the sense of the universe! But when serious Nobel winner (Riess) argues that we can come to 99% dark energy, so whether we are approaching to breaking points of the Universe, or whether it is only the boundless scientific stupidity?

But no less fun was in the twentieth century.

7. schizophrenia scientific brain!

Everything is an effect of the malicious name… but a “big bang” couldn’t be a beginning of the Universe! Nothingness! The universe is Something … without cause and effect (qM). Something which creates its own space in which only everything else is included. Something independent of anything. Without boundaries, limited only by the power of its own gravity! Because that’s the whole sense of the universe lies in the fact that it expands itself, (in itself) – not in a primary space.
But comes a moment when this description doesn’t fit all events. And then a new reality is being created, adapting scientific facts to immediate needs. The most shocking is the case when scientists stated that the Universe at some moment start to shrink. Probably according to the crude principle that when we toss the apple up, it must fall to the ground.
But when a such thing as grenade explosion wasn’t a beginning, there is completely no such possibility. How crazy scientific idiot can state that the gravity can weaken or become a dominant factor.

8. really shocking – dark energy!

After rumors a few months ago that acceleration of expansion of the universe is much bigger than expected (9%). However (Oct 2016), turned out that maybe this acceleration of expansion is minimal (maybe just a nightmarish illusion). And after all the dark energy was invented in order to explain this acceleration. No acceleration – so no dark energy? Maybe even the expansion of the universe has no sense without dark energy.

Now, being a bit wiser, we can laugh, that in the 20th century (before 1998), scientists were so dull that doesn’t occur to them that very initial energy of the expansion is too little the Universe could be expanding for 14 billion years. But do we really wiser?

However, perhaps a fact is being confirmed that probably power of the mind of Einstein is the end of human abilities. and somehow i don’t see decisive breakthrough.

9. Quantum Reality

Since it isn’t already possible to work out nothing sensible what is actually happening with the Universe.
so scientists rushed to the quirks of quantum physics there to seek wisdom.
Perhaps we can find a real insight into the nature of the universe in its quantum properties.
But don’t look for the miraculous powers that supposedly created the universe, but rather look for causes and consequences of frailty of our minds.


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