if we do not understand what that is, it means that we understand nothing!

It is believed the dark energy is the force that causes the universe is expanding faster… But if that is true, then it must also be true that dark energy plays a decisive role in the total development of the universe.
So the statement that in the early days of the Universe “dark energy was a trivial constituent of the cosmos” is another idiocy by Adam Riess.
Trivial element. So if there is 70% dark energy right now, and probably would be 99% (riess) … Only when was 1% or 49%, stupid!?

Because dark energy (if exists) probably created the Universe from very beginning: not only the space, but the entire stuff! And it isn’t of course nothing extraordinary because the quantum fluctuation also has the same possibilities – creates the Universe.
Of course both these processes are almost identical, and their fabulous possibilities manifest itself through the action of the same mechanism!
Because if that’s all about possibilities of the dark energy isn’t a truth, nothing makes sense anymore, even Big Bang theory.

So when in thousands of scientific papers presented is this wonderful picture of the universe which was created out of nothing or from indefinite theoretical gadget the size of a proton.
This is probably just a result of scientific carefree (and not just a scientific sloppy) to forget to specify, that quantum fluctuation it is only mechanism, a simple property of quantum mechanics, and isn’t a divine property!
Maybe only like the miraculous properties of our mind which has 101% efficiency!
That is, from one unit of dark energy, we get 5 new units of dark energy … or even 9999999 – depending on the needs.

How could it be that thousands of scientists could get caught in such a primitive trap of mental imbecility and believe that such miraculous properties can exist!
The funniest moments when the great scientists are considering very seriously the possibility that the universe was created as a result of the very real quantum mechanics… why didn’t disappear, also under the influence of the same, very efficient mechanisms.


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