5. schizophrenia scientific brain!

There are only two possibilities: the infinite universe and finite (boundless) universe.
But the famous Noble prizewinner (Schmidt) carefree states: it isn’t a finite universe, it isn’t an infinite universe – it is sort of on the border.

That is all our knowledge. But true knowledge can only flow from the very beginning of the universe. If it was created according to some rules, then these rules must be valid until the end of the universe. But it doesn’t please the scientists. No wonder, because if it were true then such miracles as Big Crunch or inflation would be impossible.

The Universe – an independent entity, in which only everything else is included. Without boundaries, and its existence determines the power of its own gravity. Because that’s the whole sense of the universe lies in the fact that it expands itself (in itself) – not in a primary space… or as part of multiverse! And only such can be scientific truth!

But such restrictions absolutly do not satisfactory the scientists.

So once universe manifests itself for them as an independent entity which couldn’t be a result of explosion and another time as the explosive universe (big explosion) – depending on current intellectual needs.

In the end, almost all of our knowledge is just a description of the effects of such a virtual explosion. Just like it was a grenade explosion. Of course, deeply hidden in very wise scientific arguments.

Because the universe that emerged in the great explosion may justify many scientific absurdities (e.g. Big Crunch). Of course, beyond the very sense of its own existence.

While the universe, which was created exactly as originally predicted by scientific assumptions (that is, in such a way that the universe could exist as a finite; boundless) – actually we have a lot of trouble to grasp its further scientific sense in its development.
Because such created universe doesn’t allow such a miracles like Big Crunch, inflation, …

Probably beginnings of the universe had such a very explosive nature and violent course – but weren’t tearing processes grenade explosion, bursting … so, no apples thrown into space …

So maybe according to this crude principle that apple must fall … scientists stated that the universe could collapse (Big Crunch), dominated by gravity. and probably will be reborn as a new universe.

But when it seems isn’t possible come up with something more stupid, scientists jumped out even more absurd assumption that the universe could be dominated by dark energy.

So Big Rip.

It is claimed that the expansion of the universe is battle between two opposing forces: the initial expansion (whatever this means), striving to drive everything apart incredibly rapidly, and the force of gravity, working to pull everything back together.

But it seems that the forces of expansion (+ dark energy) are predominating today, and the universe will expand indefinitely. So the universe began to slowly fade away into cold and darkness … and RIP. But do not open the gates of heavens. Because the universe can only expand in itself, in the area that creates gravity. Exactly, only where gravity permits. Unless there is dark gravity.

Exactly: the universe can grow without limits because it expands on its own (into itself)… by increasing the space in its volume, which causes the expansion of the universe.

But it cannot break in itself. Because it would deny the very essence of the universe. It would mean that it was created as a result of a great explosion, which would deny its existence. The more it cannot rupture “out”.

Because there is no outer (primary) space in which the universe could be torn apart. If we do not understand this then let’s take the grenade and hold it in the iron grip of our hands. Maybe can burst in itself and the explosion will not break our hands.

There was no inflation as there would be no beautiful ending (Big Rip). How can the scientific idiots could claim that the universe itself is going to break? (rather not the ultimate scientific idiocy).

But when the Great Noble Prize (Riess) states that dark energy can reach 99% – so no limits of scientific stupidity? Unless someone very smart can say when was 1%, 23% or 57% dark energy. When?

Now, being a little wiser, we can laugh, that in the 20th century, scientists were so dull that doesn’t occur to them that very initial energy of the expansion is too little the Universe could be expanding for 14 billion years. But are we really wiser? Maybe is true that power of the mind of Einstein is the very end of the possibilities of the human mind!




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