3. inflation

When the time comes that even the dark energy begins to upset the scientists who cannot understand anything from its nature, scientists are beginning to return to repulsive gravity as a mechanism for the expansion of the universe.

But what is the basis for supposing that the gravity that holds the entire universe in an iron grip suddenly causes the universe to begin to disintegrate? And what are the mechanisms?

What about the mad guess that for a moment of destabilization (lack of gravity), the universe might not existed?
And it isn’t joke only a very serious scientific theory which fascinated many mindless scientists.

So let’s consider this freak of scientific genius. The whole point of how it could be the “sense” of everything:

It is well known that miraculous (and very capricious) quantum mechanics can make all the wonders, even influence gravity, the most important, fundamental property, without which the universe cannot exist.

So the gravity, which determines the existence of the universe, simply disappears… and more precisely, suddenly turns into repulsive gravity (by QM), creating an explosive expansion (as grenade). The force that disrupts the universe!

And when it seemed that the universe already gone forever … (torn to pieces that melt into oblivion). At the last moment this destructive gravity changed itself again into the normal gravity … to once again take care of the universe.

Because the universe doesn’t make any sense without gravity. So the universe again is finite and boundless!

And since during inflation has come up with a lot of new masses of the universe, gravity with the new force is watching over the fate of a much larger universe. Isn’t that strange?

Because cosmic inflation works differently than inflation in our human reality. There is nothing lost, only proportionally arrives. New wealth is being created.

However, despite the total idiocy in which inflation is expressed, Inflation Theory develops pretty well, creating billions of new universes. So when nothing is able to brighten the dark minds of carefree scientists, then we have to consider another problem.

Simply repulsive gravity makes no any sense in the existence of the universe.

This must be clearly stated, because more and more often appear so scientific rubbish, that even now, it is the repulsive gravity that causes the expansion of the universe.
Cannot. It’s a lie. It’s just a science freak!

It is determined by the very structure of the universe: was created as a limited object, but without borders, closed by the power of its own gravity and it determines its further development.

Gravity cannot disappear at any moment in the existence of the universe, because gravity creates the universe. Gravity isn’t an independent property, which can change its properties even under the wonderful influence of quantum mechanisms. The more cannot change into repulsive gravity (as a whole of gravity).

If the universe is really expanding, it is the only one possibility: so the expansion of the Universe isn’t about “carries” galaxies (that’s what the mechanism of gravity is – even repulsive) only the expansion of the space itself (in itself) between (clusters of) galaxies … but with the total immobility of the galaxies (a little simplifying). Without the active participation of gravity.

By applying this to the expansion mechanisms, gravity can affect space when acts on galaxies, but never vice versa … that is, it doesn’t affect the galaxies by acting on space. (at least in case of expansion) Exactly: gravity cannot move the one galaxy from another galaxy by acting on space between these galaxies.

Of course, it may be able to move galaxies from one another directly acting on galaxies, but then it is not the expansion of the universe.

Simplifying: our space (wind) can move cars but the space (of the universe) cannot move galaxies.
And even (more) simpler: the unknown mechanisms that act on space between galaxies, expanding the universe, absolutely do not effects galaxies, which remain stationary (motionless), despite the increasing distance between them.

So what caused that inflation work? Nothing. just inflation is the biggest scientific nonsense of the 20th century. Even gravitational waves will not help.

So the claim that the gravity turn into a repulsive gravity to for moment to drive inflation, creating an explosive expansion (as grenade) – (because only such possibility exists in the case of mechanism of gravity) … that the next time again to transform into a normal gravity which controls the normal expansion of the Universe.
(once again!) the normal expansion of the Universe absolutely cannot be the result of an explosive universe – as grenade, a nuclear bomb or big bang. So the mechanisms of gravity cannot be the cause of expansion of the universe or its shrinking!

So such nonsense as Inflation should degrade Professor Alan Guth as a scientist.

It’s not even funny, it’s really a tragedy! Just wondering how the universe will continue to exist when Guth gets the Nobel. And probably will get. This is the only thing we can be almost sure of that.




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