2. expansion of the Universe

This is especially complicated because we are dealing with values exceed the speed of light. But this isn’t possible with galaxies. So very wise people figured out quite reasonably that the galaxies aren’t actually moving through space as USS Enterprise on its journey to the edges of the Universe … it’s space itself which is expanding, and carries the galaxies … only a serious threat is that this statement may also “carries” the whole sense of our knowledge!

So maybe we can seriously think about what it really means that the universe is expanding. Not just speculative carelessly.

However one must admit what more conscious minds, whose process of thinking not yet entirely disappeared, being aware that the statement of carrying galaxies is complete idiocy … trying to keep remains of the scientific decency and in some way to clarify this and somehow save the remnants of sense in these scientific speculations…

So it turned out that it was a big mistake to forget about the innate wisdom of beautiful minds. Because in the end they figured out that it is a complete nonsense to claim that space carries the galaxies … so there is a new wisdom!

Now galaxies remain stationary (in relation to the space) while space itself expands, and by growth in its size, increases the distance between clusters of galaxies and this is what causes the expansion of the universe.

It seems that this is a very realistic explanation of this mysterious process.

Only the problem is that galaxies must remain on their stationary positions not only in relation to space, but remain in fixed position with respect to the entire expanding universe. That is, evenly distributed throughout the universe … at least as we see it actually!

Though these are not identical processes!
Because in order to remain on their fixed positions (immobility) in relation to the expanding universe, galaxies must rush like crazy, maybe even 12 c (that is, how we see it) in order to keep up with the expanding Universe.
Of course, this don’t consider the mechanisms of these processes, just as we perceive that!

Craziness! NO! Because a human mind appeared, creating the most complicated relation in this Universe – but without any practical significance!

Paraphrasing the whimsical statements of quantum physics, one can only say that most of our observations unfortunately have no effect on our understanding. As a result, we do not perceive the real essence of the problems, confusing the effects with the causes. In fact, just like in the world of quanta.

Probably most of the scientific notions of the nature of this universe is just the result of the illusion of our mind. For example, when we see rushing galaxies (moving away from us with crazy speed), which are in fact stuck in total immobility. Because it’s just the apparent movement of galaxies. But the Doppler effect was revealed to us!

Isn’t strange – ALL in universe is imaginable … in the total helplessness, we can count on mathematics, which is able to explain and prove almost everything. Just not this one – when the space itself expands, growing between (but doesn’t affect) fixed galaxies, and galaxies distant from each other without any real causes.

So we really understand it all, or just seems to us that we understand … when in the early universe two galaxy were separated from each other at a distance of 1 billion light years, so now, after 12 billion years, these same two galaxies are separated (from each other) by a distance of about 85 billion light years. And all this goes with the total immobility of both galaxies (a little simplifying). Of course not taking into account movement resulting from their natural conditioning.

A little simplifying this all …

If we were not so fascinated by the power of the human mind then we could talk with very nice creatures that inhabit the distant galaxy. And they are terrified of the inevitable tragedy. Because there are galaxies in between them and galaxy where live funny creatures called mortals. Unimaginably terrible force pushes away these galaxies from them (aliens), and pushes (carries) them with enormous power in the mad rush towards the Milky Way, towards the Earth … and destroy everything!

But maybe, as it is usually with aliens, a bit mentally retarded; perhaps even don’t know math! Because we have absolutely certain and true, visually tangible evidence that this cluster of galaxies is moving away from us … terrible power causes that galaxies are rushing with tremendous speed in the direction of galaxy where live aliens… and destroy the aliens world.

But as usual, our great reasoning saved the universe, because it turned out that in reality everything moves away from everything else, so nothing colide.

And if despite this description there were still doubt, why the assertion of many serious scientists that the space is carrying galaxies – is total idiocy … imagine a boxing judge’s head between two boxers blinded by rage.

Simpler to explain this all is no longer possible?!




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