1. fake coin!

Almost our entirely comprehending of the nature of this Universe manifested itself for us in a few glimpses of human genius: finite but without borders… independent of anything… expands from Nothing…ness! But if that’s all true, in all of this is hidden the greatest mystery of All, but doesn’t apply to God or our conscious existence! So doesn’t even let us try to guess what it might be.

But this description of the universe is like two sides of the same coin. Only that it is a coin of double value, depending on what falls, eagle or tails.

Because what (supposedly) happened later in the development of the universe, i.e. boundless naive scientific inventions, does not quite agree with the principles of the primordial essence of the universe.

The universe cannot be the result of a great explosion (even a grenade explosion).
That is why it is possible to existence the universe as something independent of anything!

So the universe couldn’t (and cannot) be torn apart.
It is only the human mind that perceives the universe as something that can spill out like a cards of house (Big Rip).

The origins of the universe, or rather the moment from which we begin to understand (rather just imagine) the nature of this universe, were probably very violent and ran in very explosive processes.
But it was not the absolute beginning – the beginning of the universe.
Also, these processes did not produce the force that causes the expansion of the universe.

Do we really understand what are the bases of this universe.
Because if we do not even understand that the universe cannot be break (Big Rip).
And it cannot happen again to be reborn (Big Crunch, Cyclic Universe), so what exactly do we understand?

Does our understanding only have to the fairy-tale assumption that there are mysterious energies that build the universe out of nothing?

Our understanding of the universe is mostly based on Einstein’s thoughts. Maybe even partly wrong – but great. However, his genius doesn’t give us wisdom, it is only used to justify increasingly preposterous theories… so probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley!

Looking into the depths of the sky we “can see” infinity. But it’s just an illusion.
Because the universe created by God seems to have no any sense.
So we got rid of god. Just a pity WE cannot get rid of the illusion that our mind is a gift from heavens.

So how are we to understand the universe, if we do not have the slightest idea what we want to understand!




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