without any sense?! (2017.3)

1. fake coin!

Almost our entirely comprehending of the nature of this Universe manifested itself for us in a few glimpses of human genius: finite but without borders… independent of anything… expands from Nothing…ness! But if that’s all true, in all of this is hidden the greatest mystery of All, but doesn’t apply to God or our conscious existence! So doesn’t even let us try to guess what it might be.

But our description of the universe is like two sides of the same coin. Only that it is a coin of double value, depending on what falls, eagle or tails.

Because what (supposedly) happened later in the development of the universe, i.e. boundless naive scientific inventions, does not quite agree with the principles of the primordial essence of the universe.
So that the universe cannot be the result of a great explosion (even a grenade explosion).
That is why it is possible to existence the universe as something independent of anything!

It is only the human mind that perceives the universe as something that could collapse as a card-house (Big Rip).

Our understanding of the universe is mostly based on Einstein’s thoughts. Maybe even partly wrong – but great. However, his genius doesn’t give us wisdom, it is only used to justify increasingly preposterous theories… so probably that is the reason that our reasoning about the nature of the Universe turned out to be a blind alley!

Looking into the depths of the sky we “can see” infinity. But it’s just an illusion.
So we got rid of god. Just a pity WE cannot get rid of the illusion that our mind is a gift from heavens.

So how are we to understand the universe, if we do not have the slightest idea what we want to understand!


2. expansion

It was obvious that galaxies aren’t moving in space (as USS Enterprise); only the space itself expands … and carries the galaxies! … also “carries” the whole sense of our wisdom!

But turned out that it was a big mistake to forget about the innate wisdom of beautiful minds.
Because in the end they figured out that is a complete nonsense to claim that space carries the galaxies

So now space itself expand (in itself) between motionless galaxies, and by growth in its size increases the distance between (clusters of) galaxies and this is what causes the expansion of the universe.

Only the problem is that galaxies must remain on their stationary positions not only in relation to (expanding) space, but also remain in fixed position with respect to the whole expanding universe.

Though these are not identical processes!
Because in order to remain on their fixed positions (to keep up with the expanding Universe), galaxies must rush like crazy (maybe even 12 c).
Of course, this don’t consider the mechanisms of these processes, just as we perceive that!

Craziness! NO! Because a human mind appeared, creating the most complicated relation (illusions) in this Universe.
For example, when we see rushing galaxies (away from us), even 12 c, which in reality are stuck in total immobility (a little simplification).

Isn’t strange – ALL in universe is imaginable … in the total helplessness, we can count on mathematics, which is able to explain and prove almost everything.
Just not this one – when the space itself expands, growing between (but doesn’t affect) fixed galaxies, and galaxies distant from each other without any real causes, remaining in complete immobility!

So … when in the early universe two galaxy were separated from each other at a distance of 1 billion light years, so now, after 12 billion years, these same two galaxies are separated (from each other) by a distance of about 85 billion light years.


3. inflation

When it comes to the moment that even dark energy begins to upset beautiful minds who cannot understand anything from its nature, scientists are beginning to return to the naive notion that the repulsive gravity causes the expansion of the universe.

So let’s consider this freak of scientific genius.
What about the possibility that there is moment of time at which the universe does not exist?
And it isn’t joke only a very serious scientific theory!

Gravity, which determines the existence of the universe, simply disappears… and appears repulsive gravity, creating an explosive expansion (as grenade). The force that disrupts the universe!
And when it seemed that the universe already gone forever … at the last moment this destructive gravity changed itself again into the normal gravity… but despite the total idiocy, inflation develops pretty well, creating billions of new universes.

But repulsive gravity has no any practical significance. Because the expansion of the universe is not about carrying the galaxies. (this mechanism is rather the properties of gravity).

The expansion of the universe is just the increase of the space itself in between galaxies – with total immobility of galaxies (a little simplifying) – despite (inexplicable) the rapidly growing distance between galaxies.
(even though there were no galaxies during inflation).

So what caused that inflation work? Nothing. just inflation is the biggest scientific nonsense of the 20th century.


4. dark

In the early days of the Universe “dark energy was a trivial constituent of the cosmos”. riess

Trivial … but dark energy (if exists) created the Universe from very beginning: the entire stuff! And it isn’t nothing extraordinary because the quantum fluctuation also has the same possibilities – creates the Universe. and both these “fabulous” possibilities manifest itself through the action of the same mechanism!
If that’s all isn’t a truth, nothing makes sense anymore!

When in thousands of scientific papers presented is this wonderful picture of the universe which was created (out of nothing) from indefinite theoretical gadget the size of a proton … maybe somene forget to specify, that quantum fluctuation isn’t a divine property … just a simple mechanism. But maybe like our mind, with 101% efficiency! That is, from one unit of dark energy, we get 99 new …

So a trivial question: how could it be that thousands of scientists could get caught in such a primitive trap of mental imbecility and believe that such miraculous properties can exist?


5. The scientific schizophrenia!

There are only two possibilities: the infinite and finite universe (boundless). But Schmidt carefree states: it isn’t a finite universe, it isn’t an infinite universe – it is sort of on the border.

That is all our knowledge. Only that it isn’t exactly the same as the reality of the universe.

The Universe – an independent entity, in which only everything else is included. Without boundaries, and its existence determines the power of its own gravity … but finite (boundless) universe cannot be the result of a big explosion… even a grenade explosion.

(But THIS isn’t satisfying scientists).

Because the universe that emerged in the great explosion may justify many scientific absurdities (e.g. Big Crunch). Of course, beyond the very sense of its own existence.

But while considering the universe that came into existence according to scientific assumptions (finite, boundless) … it is difficult to grasp the scientific sense of the further development of the universe (so no Big Crunch).

Probably the beginning of the universe was very explosive but not bursting (so no apples).
But maybe according to this crude principle that apple must fall, Big Crunch appeared.
But when it seems isn’t possible come up with something more stupid, scientists jumped out even more absurd assumption – so Big RIP.

It seems that the forces of expansion (+ dark energy) are predominating today, and the universe will expand indefinitely. and RIP.
But do not open the gates of heavens.

The universe can grow because it expands on its own – into itself … by increasing the space in its volume, which causes the expansion of the whole universe.

But it cannot break in itself. Because it would deny the very essence of the universe.
The more it cannot rupture “out”. So no Big RIP!

Only when Riess argues that we can come to 99% dark energy … so no limit of scientific stupidity? Can someone wise tell when was 42% or 2%. When?


6. Quantum Reality

Since it isn’t already possible to work out nothing sensible what is actually happening with the Universe, so scientists rushed to the quirks of quantum physics there to seek wisdom. Maybe we can find a real insight into the nature of the universe in its quantum properties. But don’t look for the miraculous powers that supposedly created the universe, but rather look for causes and consequences of frailty of our minds.

It may seem that only in the quantum reality can fully reveal the limitless possibilities of our genius. Just a pity is that quantum processes unaware of their unlimited possibilities, act in accordance with their natural properties: run very smoothly and efficiently, only in themselves known and the right way, that is, according to the nature of this universe, as indeed is confirmed in practice our reality. Even ignoring the fact that “ignoring” the rights and principles laid down by science could have caused that this beautiful universe would never have made.


7. beginning of …

As modern scientists say a classic examination of the Universe has no sense … because everything what is interesting and important in the universe takes place at deeper levels, where the (ordinary) mind doesn’t have access. Perhaps even the reason Einstein would be insufficient? We know what’s going on: dimensions, strings, advanced quantum physics and other wonders … (!) so human mind appeared, creating the most complicated relation in this Universe – only without any practical significance, even if we could turn the earth into a black hole! So can first, without scientific fever pitch, maybe we try to explain the most unimaginable mechanism in the history of the universe: as the universe expands, absolutely no worries about galaxies … as scientists absolutely no worries about primary mechanisms of these processes, pretty pleased have the Doppler effect.
So what mechanisms work when the nearest cluster of galaxies moving away from us?
Enough to explain a small detail – what is actually happens with galaxies – that’s all!




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